Sorry About The Lack of Fluidity In Space Updates

Thanks to everyone who has read my first few chapters of Fluidity in Space, and an ultra special thanks to those of you who posted comments about it or shared their opinions via private message. It means a lot to me to know that there are readers who enjoy the tale I’ve been weaving.

The last chapter was posted a year ago, and I’m really sorry about that. A lot has been going on in real life, and it caused me to go into a depression, and I couldn’t get myself to write much of anything.

My childhood friend who is the father of my nephew was killed in a car crash. The driver was driving him to work in a car with bald tires, going way over the speed limit on a windy country road that was rain slick at the time, and passing a construction vehicle in a no passing zone that was clearly marked with a double line and signage. My friend used to talk about him as he was a perpetual speeder, commenting that he was going to get himself killed, and that “you won’t see me getting wrapped around a tree”. Sadly, he died after the car slid off the road, and hit a tree so hard that the engine was shot out of the car, landing 100 feet from the tree.

The New York State Police were sadly extremely inept in this case. They didn’t photograph the scene until 30 days later, after the road was paved over so that the double line could no longer be seen, and they didn’t check the black box that recorded the condition of the car until months after it happened. So, because of that there wasn’t enough evidence and the jury found him not guilty on all charges. He did cry on the witness stand during the testimony, and it was clear that he felt guilty about what he did, so it was a little comforting to know that he at least showed remorse. But, I was hoping he’d get a license suspension at least since friends have stated they witnessed him speeding even after he killed my nephew’s father. It seems he’s addicted to speeding, and I wish he got some kind of punishment, as I’m afraid he’s going to end up getting someone else killed, if not himself.

Even more unsettling was the murder of a woman, Kelley Stage, who I sat with at lunch when we were both in high school. In 2015, her husband hired hitmen to murder her. The trial of her husband occurred last year, and it hit me harder than I thought it would. I suffered a lot of physical and emotional abuse in high school, as all of my friends were two years younger than me. So I suffered being beaten, burned, and enduring sexual abuse in my junior high and early high school years with very little support from anyone.

Kelley was among the very few that were kind to me, and let me eat lunch at her table and made me feel welcome. She and a handful of others are among the reason why I’m here today, as I wouldn’t have been able to go on without kindness like she showed me. Sadly, I hadn’t seen her since high school, and I never got a chance to thank her for her kindness because her monster of her husband took her away from the world and, worst of all, away from her kids.

I did send Kelley’s mother my thanks for her daughter’s kindness, and let her know that I have a deep desire to help people, which led me to become a member of the Red Cross disaster action team. I strongly feel that my strong desire to help people is because of the kindness of the few people who showed me kindness when I was a kid, and Kelley is definitely a big part of that.

For all the fans of Fluidity in Space, I’m going to get back to writing the story today, as I have been to counseling and I am under the care of a psychiatrist and I feel that I’m now ready to get back to doing things I enjoy. I’m going to be writing the novel chapters and I also plan to release a comic adaptation as well. The comic will be low priced, at between one and two dollars an issue. The novel, on the other hand, will always be free.

Ten percent of sales of each of the Fluidity in Space comic issues will go to ACWP: Aid to Children Without Parents.

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