Welcome to the new blog that will be used to share stories and information related to transgender and mental health issues, and to offer hope to those who share in those struggles.  I’ve shared this blog with some of my friends, who are welcome to post and share their stories here as well. 🙂

In regards to the blog’s title – Hope – it’s a fitting name for my journey (and the shared journey of my friends).  But, deeper than that, it’s also a name that I thought about using as my name (along with Katie – which I used since I was a child – and is the name of my great aunt – but I decided it didn’t fit my personality – and Melanie – which I used when I was in my teens and early 20’s, but ultimately decided was too close to Melissa, my sister’s name).

I decided that Hope was a nice name, but it was a bit cliche.  Ultimately, I decided to let my mom give me my name. I went with Jennifer as my first name, as her first choice – Michelle – was too close to my childhood nickname of Mickey – which I still sometimes use on the internet since it’s unisex – and Jennifer is a name that my mother always liked.

My mom chose Renée as my middle name, which I recently learned means “Reborn”, so that name is just as fitting as Hope. 🙂

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