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 +{| class="​wikitable"​ style="​float:​right;​ auto; margin-right:​ 0px; border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 2px" "​text-align:​center"​ width="​300" ​
 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​text-align:​center;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | [[File:​atari-games-logo.png]]
 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​background-color:#​ccffff;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | Atari Games
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" width="​10%"​ | Founded
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | July 1, 1984, after split of [[Atari Inc.]]
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" width="​10%"​ | Closure
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | 2003, dissolved by [[Midway]]
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Location
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Milpitas, California, U.S.
 +'''​Atari Games'''​ was formed on July 1, 1984, after [[Atari, Inc.]] assets were divested, and Atari was split, following the [[North American video game crash of 1983]]. ​
 +Following the crash, Atari Inc. owner [[Warner Communications]] sold the consumer video game console and computer division to [[Jack Tramiel]], the founder of [[Commodore International]]. The arcade division, which was the only division that remained profitable after the crash, was retained by Warner Communications.
 +As a result of the deal with Tramiel, the two new companies both could use the Atari name, with Tramiel'​s company becoming [[Atari Corporation]] and the arcade division of Atari becoming Atari Games. Atari Games was required to always include "​Games"​ after "​Atari",​ and they were not permitted to use the name Atari at all in any product for the home consumer market.
 +The controlling interest in Atari Games was sold to [[Namco]] in 1985.  Atari Games began publishing games for the home video game market in 1987 under the Tengen brand name.  In 1989, Warner Communications merged with Time to become known as Time Warner. ​ In 1993, Time Warner created [[Time Warner Interactive]] when they bought a controlling interest in Atari Games. ​ The arcade division continued to operate under the name Atari Games, while releases for the home video game market used the Time Warner Interactive label. ​ In 1996, Atari Games was sold to [[WMS Industries]],​ and was made part of their [[Midway]] division. In 1998, when [[Hasbro Interactive]] purchased [[Atari Corporation]],​ Atari Games was renamed Midway Games West to avoid confusion between the two companies. Midway left the arcade industry in 2001, and dissolved Midway Games West in 2003.

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