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 +{| class="​wikitable"​ style="​float:​right;​ auto; margin-right:​ 0px; border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 2px" "​text-align:​center"​ width="​305" ​
 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​background-color:#​ccffff;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | Guys from Andromeda
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Founded
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | April 2012
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Founders
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | [[Scott Murphy]], [[Mark Crowe]], [[Chris Pope]]
 +'''​Guys from Andromeda'''​ is a limited liability company that was founded in 2012 by [[Scott Murphy]], [[Mark Crowe]], and [[Chris Pope]]. ​
 +In 1986, Murphy and Crowe developed the adventure game, ''​[[Space Quest]]'',​ at [[Sierra|Sierra On-line]]. In material included with the game, and in advertisements,​ the duo was referred to as the "Two Guys from Andromeda"​. The pseudonym continued in their other ''​[[Space Quest series|Space Quest]]''​ games, ''​[[Space Quest II]]'',​ ''​[[Space Quest III]], and ''​[[Space Quest IV]]''​.
 +After the release of ''​Space Quest IV''​ in 1991, the duo split up. ''​[[Space Quest V]]''​ was designed by Mark Crowe and [[David Selle]], and ''​[[Space Quest 6]]''​ was designed by Scott Murphy and [[Josh Mandel]], the latter of whom was referred to as the "Third Guy from Andromeda"​. ​
 +In 1999, the Guys from Andromeda, along with about 250 other employees, lost their jobs at Sierra amid massive layoffs at the company. During the next decade, they reconciled their differences and announced the formation of a new company, Guys from Andromeda, LLC on April 16, 2012.
 +They decided to use the crowdfunding website [[Kickstarter]] to fund their first adventure game, after the success of [[Double Fine Adventure]],​ a successful crowdfunding campaign on the platform by [[Tim Schafer]] and his studio, [[Double Fine Productions]]. ​ Guys from Andromeda launched their Kickstarter campaign for ''​[[SpaceVenture]]''​ in May 2012, which was a success.
 +Their first game, based on a character from ''​SpaceVenture'',​ was ''​[[Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of The Poultroid]]'',​ released on November 9, 2015 for [[Windows]],​ [[macOS]], [[Linux]], and [[iOS]]. It is a comedy themed survival horror point and click video game, which is a parody of the popular ''​[[Five Nights at Freddy'​s series|Five Nights at Freddy'​s]]''​[[Five Nights at Freddy'​s series| series]].

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