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 +'''​Harley Quinn'''​ was an identity crested by an [[Arkham Asylum]] doctor, '''​Harleen Quinzel'''​ of [[Earth 12]], to commit crimes after she fell in love with the [[Joker (Earth 12)|Joker]].
 +==Before Joker==
 +Harleen Quinzel attended [[Gotham State University (Earth 12)|Gotham University]] on a gymnastics scholarship,​ studying to become a psychologist. Although she wasn't a criminal at this point, she wasn't above cheating to get what she wanted, since she seduced at least one of her professors to improve her grade. ​ After graduation, she took a job as a criminal psychologist at [[Arkham Asylum]], as she wanted to use the experience to write a book about her experience. She hoped this would ultimately allow her to pursue her goal of becoming a pop psychologist.
 +==Becoming Harley Quinn==
 +On her first day at Arkham Asylum, she saw the Joker in his cell. She sought permission to interview him, and was eventually granted the right to do so. The Joker sought to gain her trust by telling her that he liked her as her name could be shortened to "​Harley Quinn",​ like the harlequin clowns. ​ He further played to her sympathies by telling her that he was abused as a child and making her believe that he was treated unfairly by [[Batman (Earth 12)|Batman]]. She scheduled regular sessions with him, and due to her empathy for his stories, she fell in love with him.
 +After she fell in love with the Joker, he escaped and was re-captured by Batman. Seeing that Joker was bruised and bloodied due to his fight with Batman, she flew into a rage and went to Joker'​s side, physically and metaphorically. She robbed a costume shop, and donned a harlequin costume. Going by the name Harley Quinn, she broke Joker out of prison. ​ She would become his girlfriend, until he grew sick of her, abused her, and threw her aside. ​ However, the two would always eventually get back together, despite the Joker'​s cruel treatment towards her.

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