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 +'''​iQue'''​ is a company formed as a joint venture between Nintendo and a scientist named Dr. Wei Yen. It was created to distribute Nintendo video games in China, in order to get around a ban on video games.
 +In 2000, the Ministry of Culture instituted a ban on the sale of video game home consoles in China, over fears that they would cause adverse effects in Chinese youth.
 +In order to get around the ban, Nintendo released the [[iQue Player]] in China in 2003. It was a controller that contained the entire system within and connected directly to a television set.
 +The iQue Player contains a built-in memory card that contains the game data. All games that were released were Nintendo 64 games. All but Animal Forest were encrypted Nintendo 64 games. Animal Forest contained all of the improvements from Animal Crossing, so it was coded to run directly on the iQue Player hardware when decrypted.
 +When purchased unique codes would unlock the games. At first, games could only be purchased and updated at a kiosk called the iQue Depot. However, in 2004, a program for Windows titled iQue@Home was released, allowing games to be purchased from home, making the iQue Depot obsolete. The iQue@Home service was discontinued in December 2016.
 +The iQue brand is also used on handheld video games released in China, from the iQue Game Boy Advance to the iQue 3DS XL. The ban on video game consoles was completely lifted in July 2015.

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