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 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​background-color:#​ccffff;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | Luigi
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 +'''​Luigi'''​ is the twin brother of [[Mario]], the mascot of the video game developer and publisher, [[Nintendo]]. ​ He was created by [[Shigeru Miyamoto]] in 1983 for the [[arcade]] game, ''​[[Mario Bros]]''​. He has since been in many franchises, including the [[Mario Bros. series]], the [[Super Mario series]], the [[Mario Kart series]], the [[Mario RPG series]], the [[Mario sports series]], the [[Mario Party series]], the [[Super Smash Bros. series]], and many more.
 +==Creation of Luigi==
 +{| class="​wikitable"​ style="​float:​left;​ auto; margin-right:​ 0px; border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 0px" "​text-align:​center"​ width="​200" ​
 +| colspan="​1"​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 0px; text-align:​center;"​ | [[File:​mario-bros-title.png|200px]]
 +Shigeru Miyamoto was told that Mario looked like a plumber, so he wanted to capitalize on that. After seeing the two player competitive and cooperative gameplay of [[Joust]], he wanted to create an [[arcade]] game with multiple player characters. [[Luigi]] was made [[Mario|Mario'​s]] twin brother, and they both became plumbers. ​
 +He was originally a palette swap of Mario, with Mario colored in red and Luigi colored in green. As with Mario, his trademark hat, overalls, and mustache were designed to overcome the limitations of the hardware of the time.  This design made it easy to distinguish his arm and leg movement, as well as his face. The name Luigi was chosen due to a popular pizzeria near Nintendo of America'​s headquarters,​ named Mario & Luigi'​s.
 +Coincidentally,​ in Japanese, the name Luigi was pronounced the same as the Japanese word "ruiji (類似)",​ which meant "​similar"​. ​
 +==Fictional Character History==
 +As depicted in ''​[[Super Mario World 2: Yoshi'​s Island|Super Mario World 2: Yoshi'​s Island]]'',​ the stork that delivered Luigi and his slightly older twin brother, Mario, came from the [[Mushroom Kingdom]]. A powerful [[magikoopa]] named [[Kamek]] traveled back in time to when the twins were still babies, to try to prevent their constant thwarting of [[Bowser, King of the Koopas]]. ​ He attacked the [[stork]] that was carrying the twins, but he only managed to kidnap Luigi, while Mario fell down to [[Yoshi Island]], where the [[Yoshis]] rescued him, and later rescued his brother, returning them to their parents. ​ In ''​[[Yoshi'​s New Island]]'',​ the couple claims that they are not the parents of the babies, so the stork returns to take them to their real parents. Once again, Kamek tries to kidnap the babies, but only manages to capture Luigi, while Mario falls down to [[Egg Island]]. A group of Yoshis on the island rescue him, then manage to rescue Luigi and take both babies to their real parents. In ''​[[Yoshi'​s Island DS]]'',​ Kamek decides to take things further and kidnaps all of the babies in the world. [[Yoshi]], Baby Mario, [[Peach Toadstool|Baby Peach]], and the stork team up to rescue Luigi and the other babies, and return them to their parents.
 +Mario and Luigi were raised by their Italian parents in Brooklyn, New York. In ''​[[Mario Bros.]]''​ he became a plumber with his brother Mario. They defeated several creatures in the sewers who were inhabiting the sewage pipes. They took a break from plumbing in ''​[[Game & Watch Mario Bros.|Game & Watch: Mario Bros.]]''​ and became factory workers, preparing packages of bottles to load on a delivery truck. After this, Luigi and Mario took a break to watch boxing matches, as Luigi, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr. were in the seats watching boxing matches in ''​[[Punch-Out!!]]''​ and ''​[[Super Punch-Out!!]]''​.
 +In ''​[[Mario Bros. Special]]''​ and ''​[[Punch Ball Mario Bros.]]'',​ Luigi and Mario once again return to the plumbing profession and take to the sewers to rid the pipes from the creatures that have taken up residence in them. Luigi and Mario then take another small break from plumbing to become demolitionists in ''​[[Wrecking Crew]]''​ and ''​[[VS. Wrecking Crew]]''​. In ''​[[Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ the twin plumbers travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. There, they traveled across eight worlds in order to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool from Bowser, King of the Koopas. They would have to do this again in ''​[[VS. Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ ''​[[Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels|Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels]]'',​ and ''​[[All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ with each new quest becoming harder than the last.

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