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 +{| class="​wikitable"​ style="​float:​right;​ auto; margin-right:​ 0px; border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 2px" "​text-align:​center"​ width="​200" ​
 +| colspan="​2"​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | [[File:​nightwing-animated.png|200px]]
 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​background-color:#​ccffff;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | Nightwing
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Real name
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Dick Grayson
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Actor
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | [[Loren Lester]]
 +'''​Nightwing'''​ was an identity crested by '''​Dick Grayson'''​ when he became a lone masked vigilante. He was originally the partner of [[Batman (Earth 12)|Batman]],​ as the first '''​Robin'''​.
 +==Early life==
 +Dick Grayson was the of the famous "​Flying Graysons",​ and when he was old enough, he became part of their act.  However, his parents were killed when their trapeze act was sabotaged. [[Batman (Earth 12)|Bruce Wayne]] took him on as his ward. He was trained in martial arts by Bruce, who was secretly the vigilante known as [[Batman (Earth 12)|Batman]]. Dick was also raised by the Wayne family butler, [[Alfred Pennyworth (Earth 12)|Alfred Pennyworth]],​ as he had earlier done with Bruce.
 +==Career as a vigilante==
 +After training in martial arts, Dick Grayson would fight by Batman'​s side as a crimefighter named Robin. ​ They worked together, fighting several master criminals such as [[The Joker (Earth 12)|The Joker]], [[Harley Quinn (Earth 12)|Harley Quinn]], [[Two Face (Earth 12)|Two Face]], [[The Penguin (Earth 12)|The Penguin]], [[Mr. Freeze (Earth 12)|Mr. Freeze]], [[Poison Ivy (Earth 12|Poison Ivy]], [[Scarecrow (Earth 12)|Scarecrow]],​ and [[Catwoman (Earth 12)|Catwoman]],​ [[Clayface (Earth 12)|Clayface]],​ and [[Bane (Earth 12)|Bane]].
 +They often aided [[James Gordon (Earth 12)|James Gordon]], the Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department, in apprehending criminals, although other police officers such as [[Harvey Bullock (Earth 12)|Harvey Bullock]], viewed Batman as more of a threat than an ally. 
 +James Gordon'​s daughter, [[Barbara Gordon (Earth 12)|Barbara]] would later join Batman, fighting crime as Batgirl. Dick Grayson then left Gotham City to fight crime as a solo hero known as Nightwing, and another orphan known as Tim Drake would become the second Robin.
 +Even though Nightwing left to fight crime on his own, he would sometimes come back to aid Bruce and his new team. One such incident is when Batman had to fight a dangerous enemy known as [[Sin-Tzu]],​ an asian warlord who could force people to do his bidding.
 +==Behind the scenes==
 +Dick Grayson was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson for DC Comics in ''​Action Comics #​38''​ in April 1940.  This version of Dick Grayson was created for ''​Batman:​ The Animated Series''​ by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski in November 1992. The character remained on television until the third season of ''​Justice League Unlimited''​ in March 2006, although he has remained popular, appearing in comic books and video games in the following years. ​ He is part of a collective universe officially designated [[Earth 12]] by DC Comics.
 +==Video game appearances==
 +[[Batman The Animated Series|Batman:​ The Animated Series]] \\ [[The Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES)]] \\ [[The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Genesis)]] \\ [[The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Sega CD)]] \\ [[The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Game Gear)]] \\ [[Batman Chaos in Gotham|Batman:​ Chaos in Gotham]] \\ [[Batman Gotham City Racer|Batman:​ Gotham City Racer]] \\ [[Batman Rise of Sin Tzu|Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu]] \\ [[View-Master Batman Animated VR]]

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