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 +| colspan="​2"​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | [[File:​peach.png|200px]]
 +| colspan="​2"​ style="​background-color:#​ccffff;​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px; text-align:​center;"​ | Peach
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | Actor
 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | [[Samantha Kelly]]
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 +| style="​border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 1px;" | [[Jen Taylor]]
 +'''​Princess Toadstool''',​ '''​Peach''',​ is the leader of the [[Mushroom Kingdom]]. She is the constant target of kidnapping by [[Bowser, King of the Koopa]]. As a result, she is most often rescued by [[Mario]], and occasionally his brother [[Luigi]], who constantly travel across the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond to save her. However, despite her common role as a damsel in distress, at times she has also embarked on adventures of her own. 
 +==Creation of Peach==
 +{| class="​wikitable"​ style="​float:​left;​ auto; margin-right:​ 0px; border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 0px" "​text-align:​center"​ width="​200" ​
 +| colspan="​1"​ border-style:​ solid; border-width:​ 0px; text-align:​center;"​ | [[File:​smb_end.png|200px]]
 +When ''​[[Super Mario Bros.]]''​ launched on the [[Nintendo Entertainment System|Famicom]] in Japan in 1985, the princess that Mario had to rescue was named Princess Peach (ピーチ姫,​ Pīchi-Hime). When the game launched in North America later that year, the localization team changed her name to Princess Toadstool, as the name Peach did not fit as well with the game's mushroom theme.
 +In 1993, ''​[[Yoshi'​s Safari]]''​ referred to her as Peach both in and outside of Japan. However, her name wouldn'​t consistently be known as Peach until ''​[[Super Mario 64]]''​ was released in 1996. In this game, the princess signed the note she sent to Mario as "​Princess Toadstool, Peach"​. Thus, Princess Toadstool became merely her title, and she began to be known as Peach outside of Japan as well.
 +She originally had ginger or brown hair due to the limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System, however, she has since consistently had blonde hair and blue eyes.
 +==Fictional character history==
 +In ''​[[Yoshi'​s Island DS]]'',​ a powerful [[magikoopa]] named [[Kamek]] decides to kidnap all of the babies in the world. [[Yoshi]], Baby Mario, [[Peach Toadstool|Baby Peach]], and the stork team up to rescue the babies and return them to their parents.
 +She grows up and becomes Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. In ''​[[Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ [[Bowser, King of the Koopa|Bowser]] kidnaps Princess Toadstool and his minions take over her kingdom. The twin plumbers, Mario and Luigi, travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. There, they traveled across eight worlds in order to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool from Bowser. She would again be kidnapped and the brothers would travel across eight worlds again to save her in ''​[[VS. Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ ''​[[Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels|Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels]]'',​ and ''​[[All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.]]'',​ with each new quest becoming harder than the last. In ''​[[Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.|Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.]]''​ and ''​[[Super Mario Bros. Special]]'',​ Mario had to travel across eight worlds to rescue Princess Toadstool without help from his brother.

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