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 ==Plot== ==Plot==
 It takes place in 2009, with Kazuma Kiryu as the playable character. It takes place in 2009, with Kazuma Kiryu as the playable character.
 +In addition to displaying at a higher resolution, the [[PlayStation 4]] version of ''​Yakuza 3''​ has some changes from the [[PlayStation 3]] original due to contract issues and changing moral standards. Some of the actresses that played the hostesses have been changed to the hostesses from ''​[[Yakuza|Yakuza Kiwami]]''​ and ''​[[Yakuza|Yakuza Kiwami 2]]'',​ due to their contracts expiring between releases. The substories that made fun of Michiru, a male-to-female transgender person, have also been removed. As ''​Yakuza 3''​ was localized in China and Korea for the first time, the Tomashiro family crest, which originally resembled the Japanese imperial flag, has also been changed to avoid offending people in those countries. The Answer X Answer mini-game that asked questions regarding Japanese history has been removed from the PlayStation 4 version in all territories. The cigarette has also been removed from Kiryu'​s mouth on the cover art, that is based on the original Japanese PlayStation 3 version.

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