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 ==Plot== ==Plot==
-It takes place in 2016, with Kazuma ​Kiryu as the playable character.+In 2012, after leaving her life as an idol and telling a televised audience that the man that raised was a former Yakuza named Kazuma Kiryu, Haruka Sawamura arrived ​in Kamurocho and found Kiryu dying on the street. She got him to the hospital, but when he woke up he was arrested for the violence committed by the Omi Alliance and the Tojo Clan so that the Tokyo police could claim to have arrested members from both organizations. 
 +In 2013, Kiryu was voluntarily sent to prison, as he didn't want to cause the orphans the orphanage he ran, Morning Glory, any trouble. Haruka tried to go back to the orphanage but decided to leave herself once she saw a tabloid article that claimed that her presence was proof that the orphanage was a front for the Yakuza. 
 +In 2016, Kiryu was released from prison, and traveled to the orphanage, only to learn that Haruka had left and had never returned. He was told by the orphans that she had gone to Kamurocho to be with him. However, when he arrives in Kamurocho, ​Kiryu learns that Haruka had been in a car accident and may never wake from a coma. He also learns that she had protected a baby boy when she was hit, who was revealed to be her son, Haruto Sawamura. 
 +Kiryu learned that Haruka'​s last known location was in Hiroshima, so he travels there to find out what caused her to come back to Kamurocho and to discover ​the identity of Haruto'​s father.

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